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Public Release on February 27th

Start your engines, connect your Kinect’s, oil your swivel chairs: The ReconstructMe team, powered by PROFACTOR, proudly announces:

ReconstructMe will be publicly released on
February 27th, 14:00 CET

On Monday everybody, which probably includes you, will be able to scan and reconstruct the world. ReconstructMe will be free for non-commercial use. Contact us for commercial interests.

Big thanks fly out to our BETA testers that made releasing in time possible! They provided valuable feedback throughout the entire BETA program and without them, we wouldn’t have reached the robustness and usability we have now.

Here’s to our Beta testers!

Two More 360° Scans

Continuing the scans of the ReconstructMe team, here is Christoph Kopf and Matthias Plasch. Feel free to print away as much as you like ;-) If you do so, please send us pictures!

Christoph Kopf

Matthias Plasch

Three 360 Degree Upper Body CAD Models Reconstructed

We have just recorded three of our colleagues and created STL models from them. This time we made a full model of ourselfs by rotating around the camera. One guy was sitting on a chair and rotated around, while the other one moved the Kinect up and down so we could get a full model of the front, back, and also the top. If you own a 3D printer or 3D printing software, we would very much like to know if these models are good enough for 3D printing! Please post any comments here. For everyone who made it on the BETA program, there is also the datastream so you can create the STL model yourself. We have post-processed the STL with Meshlab by re-normalising the normals, and converted them to binary STL.
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ReconstructMe Big Picture

ReconstructMe enables you to create a three dimensional virtual model of real world objects or scenes. Therefore, you only have to walk around with a 3D video capture device – like Microsofts new sensor Kinect  – and film the object(s) you are interested in. Filming the objects from as much different views as possible will give you a detailed model of the real world object or scene. In case you filmed the scene from 360 degrees, you will also get the virtual scene in 360 degrees. Once the virtual environment model is created, a surface model can be generated.
ReconstructMe consists of three core components. These components are Continue reading

Person Reconstruction and Stable Camera Tracking

Hi out there,

we recorded a new video showing the really fast reconstruction of different people in just a few seconds. You also will see the stable camera tracking even although a person walks through the recorded scene. Check out the video!

You can also download the generated model of the last person in the video.

Download as STL model:


Original resolution: 75,304 vertices, 2.8MB

Creative Commons LicenseReconstructed-Person by Christoph Kopf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

We Scanned a Chair in two Minutes

We took some time (about two minutes or so) to create a CAD model of a car’s chair. Below you can download the original mesh in high resolution, and a reduced one. The colorization show the normals.

Downloads as STL models:

Original resolution: 533,317 vertices and 1,047,917 faces, 20.8MB

Low resolution: 27,683 vertices and 52,394 faces, 1.15MB

Creative Commons Licensechair by Martin Ankerl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Room, Scanned with ReconstructMe in a few Seconds

We made a quick scan of our room by moving the Kinect around, and extracted the mesh that was created in realtime as an STL. Here is what it looks like:

The original mesh is quite large–it has 578,732 vertices, 1,110,366 faces. All this was created in realtime.

You can download the generated STL files here, and we also have a reduced version to save your bandwith:

Large, unfiltered version with 578,732 vertices and 1,110,366 faces. 21.6 MB

Reduced version with 31,033 vertices and 55,517 faces. 1.21 MB

Have fun :)