ReconstructMe is your one stop application for for real-time 3D reconstruction. It is simple to install, easy to use and allows you digitize objects by simply moving your sensor around them.


Real-time Performance

ReconstructMe’s usage concept is similar to that of an ordinary video camera – simply move around the object to be captured. However, instead of a video stream you get a complete 3d model in real-time. Read about our hardware requirements.

Plug and Play Sensor Support

ReconstructMe supports a wide range of commodity RGBD sensors such as the ASUS Xtion Family, the PrimeSense Carmine Family or the Microsoft Kinect family. Browse our compatible sensor list.

Accross all Scales

Modelling with ReconstructMe scales from smaller objects such as human faces up to entire rooms. Check our gallery for plenty of showcases.

Metric Units

ReconstructMe performs the entire reconstruction in metric space. No need for freaky scaling attempts. The result can be exported to various CAD formats such as STL, OBJ, 3DS, and PLY.

Texture Support

ReconstructMe is capable of capturing and processing the color information of the object being scanned, as long as the sensor provides the necessary color stream.

3D Self-Portraits

ReconstructMe allows you to generate 3D printable selfies within a minute.

Easy Setup

ReconstructMe comes with an single click installer. After background wizards setup everything to get you started with scanning.