ReconstructMe for Developers

ReconstructMe SDK is your one stop C-style library for performing real-time 3D reconstruction. It offers you the freedom to control the reconstruction process the way you want it be. It targets simple applications as well as complex multi-sensor reconstruction processes.

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Real-time Performance

ReconstructMe SDK performs scanning in real-time on your GPU using OpenCL technology. This allows you to get immediate feedback about the progress of your scanning task. Read about our hardware requirements.

Plug and Play Supported Sensors

ReconstructMe SDK supports a wide range of commodity RGBD sensors such as the ASUS Xtion Family, the PrimeSense Carmine Family or the Microsoft Kinect family. Browse our compatible sensor list.

Texture Support

ReconstructMe SDK is capable of capturing and processing the color information of the object being scanned, as long as the sensor provides the necessary color stream. Watch a sample video.

Multi Sensor

ReconstructMe SDK supports multi-sensor scenarios where many sensors are working together on creating a global model. Watch a sample video.

Mesh Post-Processing

ReconstructMe SDK allows you to modify the scan result. Supported operations comprise removing noise, making meshes watertight, reducing triangle count and performing CSG operations on meshes. Watch a sample video.

Point and Shoot

The SDK offers possibilites to apply reconstruction on a sparse key-frame basis without the hardware requirements for real-time scanning. Watch a sample video.

Accross all Scales

Modelling with ReconstructMe SDK scales from smaller objects such as human faces up to entire rooms.

Metric Units

ReconstructMe performs the entire reconstruction in metric space. No need for freaky scaling attempts. The result can be exported to various CAD formats such as STL, OBJ, 3DS, and PLY.

Clean Interfaces

A fully documented and consistent API allows you grasp the concepts quickly and develop your first reconstruction application within minutes. Check out our one minute example and convince yourself.

Industrial Strength

ReconstructMe SDK is applied in many real world applications by our partners. Examples include digitization of production halls, human body scanning for medical purposes and creation of virtual characters in movies.

Marker Support

ReconstructMe SDK supports marker detection and tracking. Markers can be used to pinpoint real-world 3D positions in the scan, or position the scan volume with respect to a marker placed in the room.