Three 360 Degree Upper Body CAD Models Reconstructed

We have just recorded three of our colleagues and created STL models from them. This time we made a full model of ourselfs by rotating around the camera. One guy was sitting on a chair and rotated around, while the other one moved the Kinect up and down so we could get a full model of the front, back, and also the top. If you own a 3D printer or 3D printing software, we would very much like to know if these models are good enough for 3D printing! Please post any comments here. For everyone who made it on the BETA program, there is also the datastream so you can create the STL model yourself. We have post-processed the STL with Meshlab by re-normalising the normals, and converted them to binary STL.




At the STL to download I have cut off a large part of the bottom because we forgot to capture the backside there.

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    1. manker

      Hi Tony! Good question, we have now put all of our models under a CC license (see above) that seems to be what is using. It is ok to clean them up and re-post them.

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