Public Release on February 27th

Start your engines, connect your Kinect’s, oil your swivel chairs: The ReconstructMe team, powered by PROFACTOR, proudly announces:

ReconstructMe will be publicly released on
February 27th, 14:00 CET

On Monday everybody, which probably includes you, will be able to scan and reconstruct the world. ReconstructMe will be free for non-commercial use. Contact us for commercial interests.

Big thanks fly out to our BETA testers that made releasing in time possible! They provided valuable feedback throughout the entire BETA program and without them, we wouldn’t have reached the robustness and usability we have now.

Here’s to our Beta testers!

18 thoughts on “Public Release on February 27th

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    1. manker

      no, not yet. We don’t want to do this too fast. Right now our priority is to get the technology working in the wild as fast as possible. Once it works for a majority of people and we have feedback from people who want to use it commercially, we will try to find a way that makes everybody happy.

      1. Clint

        I bought a new Xbox 360 with the Kinect for Christmas, for my wife and kids. I’m not sure what you mean by “Xbox Kinect” and “Xbox Windows”. I’m assuming the Kinect device I have will work with your software? And by the way… this is an incredible work you’ve accomplished, and will help revolutionize the future. You will be compensated for your hard work. Keep it up.

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