BETA Phase 3

The final phase of BETA has just started! In case you haven’t received E-Mails, leave a reply here.

We are looking forward to your feedback and the public BETA to be released in March. We wish all participants a happy reconstruction!


31 thoughts on “BETA Phase 3

        1. Christoph Heindl Post author

          No, that’s a feature that is on our todo list. We had it integrated once, but light has some unique properties which needs further research. Sorry, Christoph

      1. Any Mac plans?

        Do you have any specific plans to support the Mac at some point, or can it run under Parallels, or should we plan on using a Windows PC for this?

        1. Christoph Heindl Post author

          I’m not a Mac guy, but I think that a couple of testers have successfully used ReconstructMe on Mac. I do not know this was done actually, but I think it was an INTEL based Mac and dual-boot for windows. I don’t know about Parallels. You could try that on first of March, when the public beta is released.

          1. Morghan

            Have you heard anything about any of the beta testers trying the application using WINE? Assuming there are no odd dependencies, it seems like that might work.

            Can’t wait till the 1st, I’m excited to see if I can figure out how to run it on osx, as this seems like a really cool application.

        1. Christoph Heindl Post author

          Hi Brill!

          Good news, volume stitching is already out. Check the download and release page.


          1. Martin

            @Christoph can you invite me to the Beta
            Kannst du mich bitte zur beta einladen. LG Martin

          2. Christoph Heindl Post author

            Die Beta ist schon längst public. Einfach unter download.

  1. Alex Numann

    I would love to get in on this beta – I work at a high-tech prototyping lab which already has a NextEngine scanner (and several 3D printers), however I am not totally satisfied with the software that accompanies it.

    Is a kinect camera required to run Reconstruct me? If so, I would be happy to find/buy one.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Alex, we will release the public BETA in March. We’ve run ReconstructMe with XBox Kinect and Asus Xtion Pro Live. Note, that the Windows Kinect will not work since it is not supported by our driver model.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. Interesting old page your are posting on :) We have done a survey on next features to be implemented and it seems that most of our users seems to favor texture support, then UI and other OSes afterwards. Since our development resources are limited, we cannot handle all of them in parallel.

      On Mac you can use Bootcamp to successfully run ReconstructMe. Check our newsgroup, many have done so.


      1. Michael Scherk

        Hi Christoph,

        sure it’s possible to use Bootcamp, but 1st I don’t have any Win-License, and 2nd: It’s a PITA to use :-( Very confusing.
        Download this and that, install a driver here, another thing there, then OpenCL is missing (find this on the Dell Page…).
        All the existing Kinect tools for Mac are: “Drop to your App-Folder.” That’s it. One Hardware Platform.
        Or on Linux: apt-get install XYZ => DONE.
        As much as I love ReconstructME – Installing 8GB Crab-OS just to run one single Application is a bit too much Stress.
        I hope it will be available soon for real OSes :-)

  2. patrick badine

    Hey, this is pretty cool i would liek to try this on a mac. is the beta almost done or if it is where can i download it so i can run it on OSX.



  3. Chip Edwards

    I am an educator and would love to use reconstruct me in the classroom with Kinect and our Replicator2. Our school is all Mac. We would love to run Reconstructme on our Mac’s so please keep us posted!

  4. Ola Lundström

    This is real interesting for me I am currently trying to scan human patient with a minolta 3D scanner it´s supposed to be used for static objects and industrial work.
    But this look really promising.
    Medical Photographer

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