ReconstructMe Team Replicated

Here’s a list of 3D replications printed by our keen beta testers. Sources are 360° depth streams of team members we posted here. In case you are about to print one of our team members, let me know, so I can update this post.

Derek, one of our enthusiastic users, has taken the time to replicate Martin’s stream using a 3D printer device. There is a write up about the making of on Derek’s blog. Check it out, it’s worth reading!

Here’s is his video capturing the printing sequence

Thanks a lot Derek!

Tony just dropped us a note that he successfully printed Christoph and uploaded the the results to thingiverse. Here is an image of the result

Thanks a lot Tony!

Bruce (3D Printing Systems) replicated all three of. His setup reminds me of bit of Mount Rushmore. Here’s the image

Thanks a lot Bruce!

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