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ReconstructMe makes a Wedding Cake Topper

by Steve Dey

It was October 2013, I finally had my 360 degree scanning turntable based on Fredini’s excellent design and driven by a high torque 3 rpm rotisserie motor.  I had a Primesense Carmine 1.09 close range scanner which after months of disappointing results was working perfectly thanks to a driver upgrade.  I had a new PC in which lurked a beast of a graphics card – the NVIDIA GeForrce GTX Titan (I do a lot of work with video and 3D graphics).  I had the latest version of ReconstructMe 2.0.199 which I was convinced would deliver the most accurate models and the quickest workflow. To print the models I had a home-built original Ultimaker.


My 3D scan and print studio was open for business!  So who to scan first?  My young children would not stand on my turntable for more than 10 seconds, they were justifiably weary of being guinea pigs for tests and trails.  My wife though supportive was not ready to see a mini version of herself.  In my excitement to get the technology working I had not considered the implications of being confronted by a 360 degree model of oneself.  As it turned out most men are not in the slightest bit bothered by this  idea other than the odd query about 3D airbrushing a six-pack. Kids universally loved the idea of a mini version of themself. Women seemed to fall into two camps either, “scan-me-all-day I love it” or “do not even ask me to step on that turntable”.

After a dozen or so scan and prints I had worked out the workflow and ironed out most of the issues. I found memory issues sometimes as the close range scanner seemed to build huge models which sometimes would not fully export from ReconstructMe. I found by keeping the scan volume large enough and the distance of the scanner right I could avoid this problem. I beleive the ReconstructMe team are investigating this but I am getting good enough results for now. Another problem I had was with the security software BitDefender, after installing this software my PrimeSense and my backup Kinect scanner failed to work and not just with ReconstructMe so I switched to another security solution and all was fine.

Then one day a wedding invitation arrives from our good friends Carl and Emily and after a discussion about the arrangements someone came up with the idea of the 3D scan and printed wedding cake topper.

topper2 topper3_1

At first I tried scanning the couple together, the turntable is large enough to do this but I soon realized that there were too many scanning blind spots. So we scanned them individually and the results were good. Using Blender I cleaned up any defects and reunited the happy couple on a platform but then how should they be orientated face-to-face or side-by-side? I used Sketchfab to share the models online but the happy couple still could not decide so we printed a few versions.

On the wedding day the cake attracted a lot of attention, mobile phones and cameras were trained on the cake, lots of questions were asked. Emily and Carl were pleased to have something unique at their wedding and for most of their guests this was their first exposure to 3D scanning and printing. The attention it generated continued after the wedding day, I was interviewed by local newspapers and then I appeared in a national newspaper. Then I was on a local radio station explaining how 3D printing and scanning worked. Unsurprisingly I am getting requests for new models now but setting a price for these has proved difficult given the effort involved. I think plastic has an association with being cheap despite the fact that these models are unique. So I am investigating colour 3D printing to see if people would value this more.

for Emily and Carl

ReconstructMe Christmas SPECIAL


We had an amazing year. Top downloads, many visitors and fans. Great articles around the world, very fine scan videos made by our users. We want to thank you! We are working hard to get the things done, 2014 will bring you new updates and maybe some new features. Now time has come to say Thank You! That’s why we decided to give you an incredible offer for the ReconstructMe Software.
All ReconstructMe Packages 25% off!
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We hope you will enjoy it!

Have A Merry Christmas!

Your ReconstructMe Team

ReconstructMe and the new generation Kinect for Windows

We have many requests concerning the rumors about the new generation Kinect by Microsoft. Developers have been able to apply to take part of the Kinect for Windows developer kit program. It provide developers with tools and a pre-release sensor, so the can start building new applications before general availability in 2014. Of course we took the chance and we are currently working on several updates of ReconstructMe for the new Kinect features.



So please be patient and be sure that we will offer you an updated version of ReconstructMe for the new generation Kinect for Windows.

In the meantime grab our current version,
which has been updated a few weeks ago. We ensure that purchasing ReconstructMe always provides many updates.
So have fun with our real-time 3D scanning software.

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ReconstructMe SDK [Software Developer Kit]

ReconstructMe SDK [Software Development Kit] is your one stop source for real-time low-cost 3D reconstruction. ReconstructMe SDK provides methods and types to control the real-time 3D reconstruction process. ReconstructMe SDK targets simple applications as well as multi-sensor reconstruction processes. It is designed to be

  • easy-to-use A generic and consistent SDK allows you grasp the concepts quickly and develop your first reconstruction application within minutes.
  • easy-to-integrate The SDK has pure C-based API without additional compile time dependencies. Interopability with other languages is easly possible.
  • high-performance The SDK is designed to provide a maximum performance for a smooth reconstruction experience.


Get started! 

Which 3D printing material is the right one for your project?

After 3D scanning and 3D printing got affordable the last years, we thought about the printing materials. Is there a difference? What material for what use? There is a wide range of manufacturing materials, the range lets you maximize the benefits of 3D printing.

There are many types of material in general. Depending on what you want to do. Plastic, metal or ceramic, for example. It also depends on the printer you have, working temperature and much more. But do not get frustrated. Many of the online shops offer various sample material kits, good documented datasheet and comparison sheets.

Well, the most important thing is, do not just buy the cheapest one. Ok, price is a big point, but think of the results, too! Do you want a smoothness in you printing results? A detailed version or colored one?

Send us your material shops. We always searching for new sources..

What is you favorite material and what have you scanned and printed so far? Send us your scans!