Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview

We’re proud to join the Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview Program of Microsoft and recently created our first scans. This video shows a scan, taken with the Kinect for Windows v2. We used an unreleased ReconstructMe SDK and the open source network library ImageBabble for an preview integration. Watch the short video!

19 thoughts on “Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview

  1. John Wise

    I’d love to get early access to the software for K4W v2. I have a unit and am not very interested at this time in investing in Kinect v1 level products when v2 is close at hand. How can we negotiate us using the “beta”?

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author


      I will be working on the K4W integration next week and post updates when I have them ready. Maybe we have more than an alpha preview by the end of this month or mid June.


      1. Matthew Kenneally

        I just got my Kinect V2 and I’m dying to try it out, unfortunately there’s no good software that supports it! Any updates on this?

  2. Greg Downing

    There are lots of Kinect V2 for PC in the wild now. Hope to hear when a version is available.

    If I record my session w/ Kinect Studio will reconstruct me capture the stream when I play it back?

    1. Victor

      Hello Christoph,
      Any news on Kinect V2 and Reconstructme?
      In August you said that you would have “a version ready in a couple of weeks”. An update for your loyal customers would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Bob

    Hi Christof.
    You mentioned a couple of weeks from Aug 22 but that has long since past.
    Do you have any news for us K2 owners out here waiting for a beta or full release?

  4. Kia Mortell

    Hi Christoph

    when can we expect a new version of RM which works with kinect v2? august 22. you wrote: “we hope to have version ready in a couple of weeks”! does this version will be published in the foreseeable future? if not, i must buy skanect. Give a feedback please. Thanx

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