Which 3D printing material is the right one for your project?

After 3D scanning and 3D printing got affordable the last years, we thought about the printing materials. Is there a difference? What material for what use? There is a wide range of manufacturing materials, the range lets you maximize the benefits of 3D printing.

There are many types of material in general. Depending on what you want to do. Plastic, metal or ceramic, for example. It also depends on the printer you have, working temperature and much more. But do not get frustrated. Many of the online shops offer various sample material kits, good documented datasheet and comparison sheets.

Well, the most important thing is, do not just buy the cheapest one. Ok, price is a big point, but think of the results, too! Do you want a smoothness in you printing results? A detailed version or colored one?

Send us your material shops. We always searching for new sources..

What is you favorite material and what have you scanned and printed so far? Send us your scans!

One thought on “Which 3D printing material is the right one for your project?

  1. Erica S

    Great topic! I used to only print in PLA because it was cheap and worked with my printer, but was sometimes unhappy with quality. One resource I’ve found useful was actually a website of a 3D printing service. They have a materials page with a lot of good info on different materials and they break it down by stage of prototyping, price, etc.: http://www.fictivmade.com/resources/materials

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