Advances in Reconstruction and Texturing

Our team has been working hard in the past couple of months to improve overall reconstruction quality of ReconstructMe. We’ve put a lot of our attention towards generating photo realistic 3D scans using low-cost consumer sensors.

What we’ve come up with is a unique texturing pipeline that runs fully automatically and is able to compensate most of the artifacts caused by illumination, motion and other sources of errors. The interactive 3D viewer below shows a 3D bust generated using this work-in-progress technology.

The setup consists of a single INTEL sensor and a standard desktop PC running ReconstructMe. The bust was generated automatically. No manual interaction whatsoever.

Photo realistic texturing

Please be patient while loading as the geometry and textures are uncompressed.

We’d be happy to receive your feedback.

16 thoughts on “Advances in Reconstruction and Texturing

  1. Will

    I want for this program to work so bad with my Lenovo IdeaPad laptop. It has the F200 sensor builtin the webcam bezel. Everytime I try to select the F200 radio button or even browse then select the f200 config file the program crashes. I have the latest depth sensor drivers from Intel and I havent been able to use this program at all. Anything Im missing to make this work?

    1. Thomas Pönitz

      Hello Will,

      we will do a release with updated intel drivers this week, which should solve your problems.
      Stay tuned :)

  2. Bill C

    I see ReMe support F200 and R200. The R200 seems to not be sold anymore is the SR300 compatible
    in the same framework? I like the detail of the scan you got here did you use the R200 or the F200?
    I’ve been wondering if the F200 could be made to work with a laptop or is it strictly for tablet/2 in 1
    computers. Thanks.

  3. Johannes

    when will the latest software update with an improved ability of reconstruction/tracking of surfaces/objects/textures (support of Intel Real Sense SR300) be released?

    Thank you for your help.

    Anyway you do great work.

  4. Johnny

    Was the data captured using Intel R200 or F200?

    I want to attempt to reproduce the same capture quality.

  5. Kevin

    I was interested in knowing if there are any white papers about Reconstruct Me? If yes, can you provide me with a link to that?


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