Long Night of Research Models Uploaded

Good morning everyone! We had a great Long Night of Research in April this year with more than 300 people visiting us at PROFACTOR. We scanned more than 80 people using a turntable and a single Intel SR300 camera using ReconstructMe. Here’s a good example of what those scans look like.


All models have been generated automatically without any manual interaction whatsoever! Please note that models are uncompressed and take a while to load up in your browser. Head over to entire scan collection.


Unless otherwise stated, all 3D model files are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. This means you can share or adapt them as long as you give appropriate credit and don’t use the material for commercial purposes.

5 thoughts on “Long Night of Research Models Uploaded

  1. Ioan

    Hi Christoph. These are awesome results !

    Is there any time-frame for the release of ReconstructMe with these features ? Will it also support the R200 ?

    Thank you,

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