ReconstructMe 2.5.1034 brings updated Sensor Config and improved User Interface

We are proud to announce ReconstructMe v2.5.1034. This updated simplifies and improves the configuration of your sensor. Either select a supplied configuration, tailor-made for every supported sensor, or write and tweak your own configuration as before.


Additionally we made improvements to the user interface as we refactored parts of the ui code – most important ReconstructMe is now dpi aware and can be used out of the box on high resolution displays.

We also improved the rendering code, resulting in less overhead and more efficient usage of the GPU.

21 thoughts on “ReconstructMe 2.5.1034 brings updated Sensor Config and improved User Interface

  1. Cornelius Mlynsky

    I’m using Orbbec astra pro and I was really waiting for this update to test the scanning with ReconstructMe. It is scanning well, just i do not get rgb color and on the setting panel this option stays black and i can not select it.
    I have a nvidia gt 730 vcard. Is it disabled because my video card or because I have a free version of ReconstructMe, yet?

    1. Thomas Pönitz Post author

      Hi Cornelius, the RGB camera of the Orbbec Astra Pro is not accessible through OpenNI. Therefore we only support uncolored scans at the moment. We are in contact with Orbbec to find a solution for this issue.

  2. J.B.

    Good evening,
    I use an HP Spectre X2, Intel RealSense R200. Reconstructme is showing an Error when I select the Sensor and shutting down. Thanks for your hell.

  3. Jarod Toups

    I have upgraded from 2.4.1016 to 2.5.1034 and the program will immediate fail after opening.

    Windows 10 version 1511
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4
    i7, 16GB RAM
    IRIS 540 v20.19.15.4352
    RealSense SDK

    1. Thomas Pönitz Post author

      Hi Jarod,
      with version ReMe 2.5.1034 and the intel software installed as detailed here ( see Installation) everything should work. Newer versions of the Intel software will be supported in the next release.
      You don’t mention having installed the driver but this is mandatory. We never had the chance to test our software with an Iris graphics unit, but if OpenCL is supported it should work.

  4. Jarod Toups

    I am using a F200 camera, everything is installed as noted and worked as expected with 2.4.1016, the only change was updating to 2.5.1034. It may be worth noting the Surface Pro 4 has an integrated depth camera on the front of the unit which does not work with ReMe.

  5. Vincent

    ReconstructMe 2.5.1034 doesn’t work with the latest realsense SDK … please update ReconstructMe !

  6. Brian Spellman

    I am a 2D/3D CAD Design Engineer. I am not a computer programmer. My interest is in scanning an object and convert it to solid modeling. I know a little on computer programming.

    My laptop computer detected the Realsense R200. I installed per “” last night with latest the SDK and driver from the Intel company. The RecontructMe software version on my HP Envy laptop computer is 2.5.1034. My laptop computer is Windows 10 HP Envy, i7-6500U-2.50GHz. I get “ReconstructMeQt.exe has stopped working” error every time I toggle Realsense R200 button as a sensor.

    The Intel SDK software works fine with Realsense R200. I look forward to see this fixed. I have a great interest in your scanning software.

  7. brian barranco

    I have an amd processor a88x socket asrock fm2a88x extreme6+ motherboard 4.1 ghz processor 16 gig ram 6 gig HIS graphics windows 8 64 bit
    is it possible for me to run my Kinect v2?
    please help lol

  8. Mart

    Great app…
    Only have one issue
    In version 2.5.1034 on my high DPI screen I am unable to rotate or zoom in on the volume area box. I’m guessing the changes made in the ui to make it DPI aware have affected the zoom and rotate function’s. When I try to rotate it will move a fraction and then the whole ui will start to try and scroll before jerking back to its original position.
    It was working fine in the previous release although the text was miniscule.

  9. Andres

    I was planing to test the app, but it crashes immediately after config file (Intel Realsense F200) is added.
    Any suggestions?
    win 10, 64-bit
    cpu intel i7 3610qm
    gpu nvidia nvs 5400m & intel hd graphics 4000
    ReconstructMe sdk 2.5.1034-116188
    Intel RealSense F200 device
    Intel SDK

  10. laurent


    I use reconstructme since a very long time, I wanted to try with the camera Orbbec Astra Pro. At first rendering is better than intel sensor RealSense R200 but the problem is that I’m not the measures on the objects I scan.
    Do you have a program for the calibration of Orbbec camera?


  11. F.Nathan


    I have been same problem like some guys above.
    When I’m using last version of Intel SDK and SR300 camera ( better spec that F200) and when I apply to config camera the app crash and shutting down.
    ReconstructMe 2.5.1034, Intel RealSense SDK 2016 R1 , SR300 Camera, Surface PRO 3 , Win 10.

    So, I need a help or new release.

  12. Luis V.

    I am using the XYZ scanner.Powered by Intel Real Sense module. I download the reconstrutme software and do not work.
    I saw a video in youtu.. of someone using this software and the xyz scanner.
    How can i do to get them working together?

  13. Martin

    Status update: reconstructme 2.5.1034 is still not working with Intel realsense r200 and latest realsense drivers. It still fails on QT.exe error. It seems updates have slowed on this great software. Anyone know If reconstructme is still be developed?

  14. Edy

    Suppport for the XYZ Printing Scan 3D is coming? Fantastic handy scanner but poor original software…

    Thanks from Spain!

  15. Jungho Lee


    I have same problem.
    Last night I had bought reconstructme SDK.

    reconstructme: 2.5.1034
    intel F200 sensor:
    intel sdk:

    Any suggestion?


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