Tech Preview – Automatic Volume Stitching

The following video shows a brand new feature we’ve just added to our main development branch: Automatic Volume Stitching. In this video new volumes are created once the current volume is left. Transformations between volumes are tracked automatically and used to reconstruct a complete surface model. This will allow us to keep the volumes small and the resolution per volume high to create an accurate surface.

Note, that we haven’t applied any post-processing in Meshlab. We might add an Iterative Closest Point algorithm to increase the accuracy at volume seams, but for now, we are pretty happy with the results.

We haven’t decided when to add this feature to the public version, because more testing needs to be done before.

Happy reconstruction,

14 thoughts on “Tech Preview – Automatic Volume Stitching

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      I’ve already seen that today in the morning. Thanks for sharing! You probably need to use a better GPU to todo real-time reconstruction. Best Christoph

  1. Eric

    Add it. :) Also, how much does the –highres quality improve the results? I am only able to get 1 frame of the shot because my gpu is too slow. But I am curious to know what improvement it would be with the highres command

  2. mark

    Fantastic work. How about a colour by vertex function to identify unconnected geometry. Use a metric based on distance from unconnected vertices. This would help to identify where you should point the camera to get a watertight mesh ?

  3. hal

    Hello Christoph,

    May I ask you when you and your team plan to release the Automatic Volume Stitching feature? and… I think that you guys aim to sell your great software, one day, in the future, right? if yes, do you already know the budged range (I mean from X to X, not a precise price, just to understand if we are talking about 100 or 1000)? Thanks ;-)

    Best regards and keep up your great RecoMe!

  4. Elso

    Hello, how can i use this:
    reconstructme.exe –realtime –config cfg\volume_3m_highres.txt

    It comes the Comment:
    Configuration file does not exist
    How can i fix it?
    I have the Reconstructme version: 221

    Best Elso

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