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A short note on “Which sensors can be used with ReconstructMe?” We support all RGB-D sensors that are supported by OpenNI or Microsoft Kinect. Currently we know of the following compatible sensors

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      1. Pascal


        I just recieved my xtion pro live yesterday.

        First, it’s realy smaller than a kinect.
        Second point, it does’nt need a power supply. (powered by USB. Then, with a laptop computer, you can scan nearly everywhere.

        And finally, yes, the resuts looks better than with my xBox kinect. I Think it’s more precise on small objects.
        But it is not the result of a “scientific test”, just my feeling after a few scans.


        1. Christoph Heindl Post author


          I think that after having done a couple of sensor calibrations, that our default intrinsic camera parameters are closer to the asus device than to the xbox device. usually asus xtion results in focal lengths around 570-580 whereas xbox devices range arount 590-600. Our default is somewhere around 575.

          You might get better results with the XBox when re-calibrating your device.

          1. Joseph Mearman

            so what order do they rank in and what are their relative qualities and scanning ranges?

  1. Riccardo

    I read that the Kinect for Xbox sensor is compatible with ReconstructMe but surfing the web I’ve read also that someone have some hardware malfunctions with Xbox after connected the kinect sensor at PC.
    Is it one of the million internet myth or there is something right??
    I’m very interested to test your beautiful software but I don’t want to break my kinect sensor for a simple test…

    Thanks in advance and good development.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Ricardo!

      We haven’t heard of this yet. We are happily using our XBox Kinects for more than a year now (6 – 7 pieces) without a problem. I think the entire research community used XBox Kinects on the PC side since the Kinect was released. Although I have to admit we haven’t plugged the sensor back in to an XBox yet.

      Of course this is not an official opinion (you would have to ask Microsoft), it’s a claim made out of our experiences (without warranty of any kind :)


      1. riccardo

        Thanks for your fast reply.

        I think I’ll try to ask to MS, but I’m quite sure it’s a false myth…probably someone tried to hack the sensor in a bad way… :)

        Anyway, if you could make a test reconnecting the sensor to the Xbox, I really appreciate a feeback.

        Thanks in advance for your willingness

  2. Alex

    hi i am having trouble getting my kinect to open up, first it wouldnt open at all so i used command prompt to open but now i am getting an error saying that there are no OpenCL compatiable devices found, how can i fix this so i can start using the program. Also i tried using my kinect on my new dell i recently got and it would boot the program and show video then it would give me an error saying program crashed and now it will not open back up just keep getting same error. can you help please ?

  3. rizi

    hello Christoph Heindl
    Pls u can help me?
    Program officer with the sensor Softkinetic?
    and if not possible
    there is any way to “add” this hardware?
    Sorry i am spanish and use google traductor :(

  4. rizi

    Ok thank you very much for your reply.
    If someone gets to run this hardware reconstrucme please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Any news about it I get it publishes this forum immediately.
    I deeply appreciate your answer :) Christoph Heindl

  5. Norbert Körlin

    What about using Microsoft Kinect for Windows and calibrating the sensor?

    You wrote that calibrating is only available with the OpenNI backend and that the Microsoft Kinect for Windows is not supported by OpenNI and thus not supported by ReconstructMe…
    Has this changed in the meantime or is it better to buy a Asus Xtion for this? Does it work with the Microsoft Kinect for XBox? I’d rather prefer to buy a Microsoft Kinect for PC (it might work better with my PC than the Xbox version).

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Microsoft Kinect for Windows is supported, but re-calibrating the depth intrinsics is not. You can however use the default calibration.

  6. James

    Hi, still interested in following the progress of your software :-) its coming along very well with some great results shown.
    Anyway, I just came across this device in the link below, just wondering if you have any idea if it would work with your software? looks very interesting as it supposedly picks up far greater detail than the Kinect etc.

    1. Eslighton

      I asked the Leap people if their device was OPENNI compatible and they replied that it used a different API. I am not sure if that rules out using it with Reconstructme, but does not sound promising.

      1. Marcus Shaw

        I hope not, it would be nice to have a high resolution scanner for smaller objects… This would open a whole new range of applications with Reconstructme, without spending thousands of dollars for a high-resolution 3D scanner…

    2. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi James, we’ve already tried to contact LEAP and filed developer access. If it isn’t OpenNI we don’t care, as ReconstructMe supports a multi-driver model.

      It would help to speed up things if the community could drop LEAP a note on how important this sensor could be for ReconstructMe. I think their E-Mail address is

      Thanks for the help!

      1. James

        Hi, thanks for your replies, great that you’ve already applied for dev access. I’ve just emailed them saying how important and how amazing the results would be if you were to use their device combined with your software. Hopefully it will help move things along for you, I’d love to see the results with a device as accurate as the leap sensor!



          1. Lexon

            Hi Christoph, i hav some problems to connect my xbox kinect with “recon”. I followed all steps of the insatalation guiede and downloaded every driver needed. As far as i know. The window pos up and i answere the licence qustion with “y” but after tat the program closes again. So could you please help me with further informations. Thanks

          2. Christoph Heindl Post author

            Hi, how do you start ReconstructMe? Please report any problems in our forum, they are much easier to handle there.


  7. Tyler Bower

    I down loaded all file step by step from the web sit installation menu but when I was done reconstruct me had not contact to kinect camera or anthing except to tell me that the program was running. Kinect runtime is loaded. Open NI 32bit diver was loaded. I am stuck:) I keep reading though instructions but I am missing somthing.

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