ReconstructMe SDK 2.2 Released

Today, we are releasing version 2.2 of ReconstructMe SDK that brings marker detection support.

Marker detection

marker A marker, like the one on the right, is a special object placed in the view of the camera that has a couple of unique features: from a software point of view it is easily detectable, allows the estimation of camera pose with respect to the marker frame and does not need dense 3d data.

With markers you can

  • Define canoncial world coordinate system The marker defines position and orientation of the world coordinate system. It is designed in such a way that if laid on the floor, the z-axis of the world frame points towards the ceiling.
  • Automatic remove of stands and floor data By letting the world volume start a bit above the marker coordinate system you can cut away floor and turntable data.
  • Improve tracking Although not used by us, you could use the marker frame to perform camera tracking.

A new turntable scanner example was added to list of examples that explains how use marker detection in your application.

Download is available from the developer page.

Other Changes

Besides marker support you might notice a couple of other changes when browsing the SDK docs. For one, we have added support for x64 bit versions and a network sensor was added to the feature list. On both things we will have more info in the coming weeks.

Kinect v2

A short note for all Kinect2 users. We are still not supporting the Kinect2, which is not due to the fact that integrating the camera is hard, but has much more todo with effects we see in the 3D depth data the camera delivers. We currently observe strong deformations of planar surfaces which we attribute to the Time-Of-Flight measuring principle used in the new Kinect v2 version. The deformations make precise scanning currently impossible.

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    1. Thomas Pönitz

      Hallo Florian, wir haben die V2 Kinect getestet und keine zufriendenstellende Ergebnisse erzielen können. Daher wird es keinen Support geben.

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