ReconstructMe Handheld Scanning

Right before the holiday season in Austria kicks off, we wanted to share with you one of our latest developments, called ReconstructMe Mobile Scanning. It’s all about turning ReconstructMe into a handheld scanning device, removing long USB cables and creating the freedom of scanning without limitations.

In the video below you can see me scanning a bust using a Windows Tablet connected to an ASUS Xtion pro live using a custom 3D printed mounting.

We needed to adapt ReconstructMe so you can scan using low-powered mobile devices such as Tablets. The approach we took is illustrated below.

The required hardware consists of a background desktop PC or notebook and a lightweight Tablet that is connected to a 3D sensor. The actual reconstruction is performed on the PC in background. This workhorse receives the compressed 3D data from the Tablet via WiFi and computes a 3D model in real-time. The current state of reconstruction is sent back to the Tablet PC for visualization. An additional communication channel is used for transmitting commands from user interaction. This setup allows use to scan with 30 frames per second.

In case you are interested in a close-up of the sensor mounted to Tablet, here is a short clip of those.

Holiday season

Please note that our shop will be closed from 22nd of December until 5th of January 2015. The ReconstructMe team wishes all users and friends happy holidays! We are looking forward to see you next year.

6 thoughts on “ReconstructMe Handheld Scanning

  1. Tobby Ryan

    What is the status of ReconstructMe, i haven’t seen any updates in awhile from the site, nor the Google group.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Callie Marie

    I have used a handheld scanner for document before, but a 3D scanner sounds a lot cooler. Can the 3D model created on the computer be imported into other software? It would be interesting to implement this into some of my animation projects.

    1. Harald Bauer


      You should use ReconstructMe’s ‘.obj’ output format.
      Then you can import it to a lot of common tools: Meshlab, Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, ..

  3. Le Anh Dung


    I am very interested in your 3D body scanning solution.
    Can you let me know what is the acccuracy level of your scanner?
    Can we use it to scan and measure the body data?

    Best regards

    1. Thomas Pönitz

      with this setup for full body scans you can expect an accuracy of about 5mm.
      There exist various projects using our software for calculating body measurements.

      Best regards

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