3 thoughts on “Reconstruction of a Chair

  1. Stéphane Gantelet

    hi. Just a few words to tell you that Reconstructme is also a great support to imagination. I like it’s interpretation of reality and every scan is the open gate to imagination for me. I’m a French artist and made two short vidéos on my blog using Reconstrucme and 3ds max. I wanted to say thanks. http://s.gantelet.over-blog.com/

  2. Aurora Prawiradinata

    Hi I am a student and working at the moment on 3d scans. I am very interested on how did you make the scan so clean? i have been trying using Kinect with ReconstructMe to get nice scanned image, but I have not been able to get a clean scan. And what program did you use to clean up the scanned image? Thank you in advance!

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