Launch of Commercial Version

We have just launched our commercial version which can be used for applications where monetary remuneration takes place. Commercial licenses are available at our web shop.

Please consider to support us!

Additionally we’ve updated ReconstructMe to 0.6.0-405. Here’s the changelog

  • Added support for Microsoft Kinect 1.5 runtime.
  • Fixed issue on i5 CPUs when saving or displaying mesh.
  • Removed ‘r’ key from multiscan.
  • Added installer.

23 thoughts on “Launch of Commercial Version

  1. jeffery

    Too bad that’s only in Australia I can’t register to checkout because im in united states so I can’t buy. But if it’s a few thousand dollars that will limit purchases to high class and people and companies which probably won’t invest. Toyota might work out something but I think this will not for united states users. So im still limited to free version still until then. I sure hope that’s not 360,000 euros because that would be outrageous for personal use when I converted to us I could buy 3ds max and use that way nefore

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Jeffery, why limited to Australia? You can select United states when you register as a new user. Paypal will do the USD to Euro conversion automatically.

      We are in Austria btw. :)

  2. jeffery

    Sorry comment cut off but I hope that wasn’t error and its not 50,000 for a personal copy. Most Indies rarely spend above a few hundred before their first game (200-400). If the Indies doing well he might spend 1,000. XBLA or disc games are only if you do well at selling games which is hard sometimes.

  3. jeffery carlson

    okay sorry the comma confused me. It would not let me choose australia but I dont think i was on my computer so I will try again on my computer.
    Does this include indie game development? If so I can definitely recommend to’s forums and forum users or microsoft might be willing to form a partnership to influence lots of more payment from indie users for use of the models in their game.

  4. jeffery carlson

    go to and ask team to have you partner up for xna indie devs and they will create an offical forum or list you in their parters list uping the amount of payments you receive. Just a suggestion for future because people are willing to pay for something like this as a starter for their models and then change the model around themselves.

  5. Charly Whishbone

    Dear Christoph, dear PROFAKTOR-team,
    your release of the commercial version of ReconstructMe might be too early.
    instantly it´s a nice playaround for kinect-owners, as manctl´s “Scanekt”; performing additional texture grabbing.
    The goal could be, to increase the detail of the IR-generated mesh using the RGB-output with photometrical add-on methods in time.

    Finally the costs for your software shouldn´t top their hardware…. ;-)

    kind regards,

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Calle,

      thanks for your feedback. When is the right time for market, this is always a core question. Note however, that for us and the requests we have, the market is already there. We are not financed through investors, so we need to ensure a continues stream of investments through our users in order to provide further development. After all, we all like to continue to provide a free community version.

      If we fail to sell enough licenses to ensure R&D, then we might also have to shut down the free program or even worse shut down ReMe.

      That’s why we are going commercially rather sooner than later and hope that people around the world support what we do (in the best interest of all)


  6. Bartlomiej

    Hi Cristoph,
    I am a poor student. Are there any chances for a student version for lets say 100 EUR? I would pay 360 EUR for it, if I would have so much money.

    Are this 360 related to the XBOX[360]? :)

    1. mark

      The free version still exists. This paid for version is for commercial use. As a student its free for you – for non-commercial use.

    2. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Bartlomiej,

      as Mark already said, you are free to use the non-commercial version and we are happy when people do so. But nothing prevents you from supporting us by buying license :) We only have a single price for everyone.

  7. skaale

    hi Christoph,

    Nice that your separated your software into 2 a free and and a commercial one. Hope that it will encourage people to support the development of ReMe :-) But sorry to say that the only thing that is holding me back is the price 360:-(. I think Calle is right the software should not top the hardware in such early stage and most of all think about the Volume(lower price more copies).
    just a suggestion
    Set the price tag to let say 99 Eur and benefit from it when people is upgrading to a new version.


    1. Christoph Heindl Post author


      we think that 360 Euros is not exaggerated in case you intend to use ReMe commercially.

      At least that is what we here from companies using it. I can well understand that it is a lot of money for a single person though.

      Do you want to use it ReMe commercially, or are we talking about something similar to a donation (support our work) in your case?

  8. Bartlomiej

    It is Christoph´s decision, and we shouldn´t flame about prices.
    So there wont be a “commercial-students-version”? I thinking going to be self-employeed, and do studies.
    I know that I can use the free “version”, but how often this version will be updated? Will the new texturing feature be in the free version? And this is the point, because I think that the free version wont recieve updates and new functions, only the “buyable version” will have that features.
    A student version with updates for 1 year for 100 EUR would be a ideal solution for me.
    I hope Christoph, you sleep and overthink your licensing model over night and respond to this.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author


      our plan is to have the commercial version feature equivalent to the non-commercial version. We consider this our gift to the community.

      We also consider it fair to get a piece of the cake from those who use it commercially.

      Unfortunately, we can only stick to this plan as long as it works out :)

  9. Tony

    For what it’s worth guys, as someone without a Kinect but interested in following what’s going on – I have to agree that the pricing model seems a bit steep at this stage. Just my $0.02.

    At any rate, a big congrats, and thanks for sharing the work you’ve done so far.


    Dear Christof I’m a researcher in Biomechanics with more than 25 years of experience. I and my collaborators developed and are still improving devices for Posture & Movement analysis. Your RECONSTRUCTME is really impressive and interesting and I think it could finely work in conjunction with our technology. I would like to have a direct contact to discuss details about possible co-operation. Could You contact me at the given email address?
    Thanks Moreno

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  12. andreas

    To Christoph,
    Sie sind auf dem rechten weg das beste scanning software zu bauen, weltweit. Bitte weitermachen…..und nicht auf die kinder hier hoeren, ReMe ist fuer erwachsene! (lol)
    To you guys,
    It’s only $450! That’s a GREAT deal. Need I remind you that a scanning set-up from creaform
    costs upwards of $50.000? Now you can spend a few hundred bucks and with a little
    elbow grease you can get there just the same! So-, if you don’t have $450, GET A JOB!

  13. Ali

    The non commercial v405 didn’t work in my i7 win7, neither with openni nor kinect sdk, problems with the communication with the depth sensor but thanks anyway

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