Gallery Update – ReconstructMe + ZBrush

Skaale sent us the following reconstruction of Tine. Glasses where used to increase the resolution, which probably required manual stitching of the individual views.

Here’s a turntable animation of the final result

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8 thoughts on “Gallery Update – ReconstructMe + ZBrush

  1. Zork

    Hi … Very impressive job there.

    I have a couple of questions that puzzle me.

    what is the difference between Kinect for xbox and Kinect for windows?
    which did you use for this project.
    and what type of glasses used to increase the resolution?

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Zork!

      From a hardware perspective there is not much difference. You can use both, as long as you use the correct driver model. See our installation page for details. When using glasses, you will need to recalibrate to get dimensions fixed again. I think the glasses that were used are 2.5+ reading glasses.

  2. Chris

    Have to ask the same quesiton what did you mean by used glasses to increase resolution this is something that really interests me, as i do mockups for my company and this just seems so epic of a software breakthrough…

    like i have some antennas with bolts and nuts and stuff… so if i could do something to increase the resolution to catch those bolts and stuff it would be awesome… for the most part all the videos you can see the drop in detail when it hits the keyboard, as you never actually see the keys of the keyboard :( so if theres a way to buff accuracy that would be awesome

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Chris,

      sorry but I must have missed your post. As far as I know all mods increasing the resolution do not increase the accuracy.

  3. Alfonso Montón

    Hello, I am 3D Artist, and I have worked with scans before, In my case accuracy is quite not important, it is solved with some time of modelling. I have to say you have a nice work there made, but my question is, what happes with capturing the texture? Is it difficult?

    I am really interested on what you do, because I am thinking about having a kineckt soon, but I want to find Scan software to make everything mesh & texture, this would make the perfect combo.

    Is it gonna be friendly software? easy to use?

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Texture support and graphical UI are both on our todo list. Will take some time to implement them, but ReconstructMe will have it.

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