Zoom Lense Results

MagWeb modded his Kinect with 2.5+ glasses (zoom-lens) to increase the resolution in near range. He applied a custom depth calibration and was able to reconstruct nearly 360°. Here are some early results.

More information can be found in the corresponding newsgroup thread.

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4 thoughts on “Zoom Lense Results

  1. Daniel

    Really nice,:-) like the near range mod on the kinect (going for a pair of glasses my self.) , Is it possible to tell how you did the custom depth calibration ?


    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Daniel, you might wanna join the newsgroup and ask MagWeb there. He did estimate the focal lengths by trial and error as far as i know. But a standard chessboard calibration will do the trick. (one that doesn’t map rgb and depth before calibration).

  2. Adam Ingwall

    So it is hard to get a complete 360 degree scan?
    Cause I’m looking for a 3d scan for my small models that are 3 cm in height.
    Detail level is therefore also very important to be high… any recommendations? Is it possible with a kinect?

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