Did you know … ?

that ReconstructMe adapts itself to changing environments? We’ve put a video online to demonstrate the effects.

This video shows how ReconstructMe handles dynamic environments. It smoothly updates its state as changes occur. This allows us to put ReconstructMe to use where adaptiveness is required. Of course, these changes have to occur in a certain subset of the volume at once. You cannot change the content of the entire volume at once, or tracking failure detection will kick in.

Give it a try!

3 thoughts on “Did you know … ?

  1. Roger Kowalski

    I have sent you emails before…I enjoy using reconstructMe..
    I wish you would put a file out there of the config examples for
    this program…I have seen the help file examples… I need more
    samples that have worked for people… How do I get the hi-res to
    work ?? Multiple kinects ?? etc… I am on the google groups
    site, but I don’t find a lot of examples ??? That would be a
    benefit for the new comers.. Thanks much… and Keep up the good

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Roger, you might ask for configs in the newsgroup. I’m sure people have come up with solutions. What’s your problem with highres? It’s basically set by increasing the volume size to 512.

  2. lee gallup

    Hey thanks for sharing all this brother. If I may ask… lets refer the Isabella, scan for example, is this only a pc with gaming card and a microsoft xbox kinect or are is there other equipmnet? I mean this is awesome. Serious potential with sculpting apps to furthur, smooth, sculpt and adjust additional details. certainly one of the coolest things I have seen on the interwebs. rock on dude. TY!

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