Beta Program Update

Hi folks,

we think it is a good idea to split the BETA program into multiple phases. Essentially, we will start with a naked ReconstructMe and add functionality incrementally as we move along. We think that doing it this way will allow us to break down bigger issues into manageable chunks, for which we can hopefully provide fast fixes.

If all goes well, we will end up, as promised, with a ‘full-blown’ ReconstructMe on 28th February. We will start to send out E-Mails to all participants on the 2nd of February. In case you haven’t received one by the 3rd of February, leave a reply below.

Any opinions or remarks?

In case you want to spread the word about ReconstructMe, please go ahead. We currently need as much as public attention as possible. We’ve already submitted links to a couple of platforms including Digg, Reddit, DZone, and Hacker News. Please upvote if you enjoy what we do.


22 thoughts on “Beta Program Update

  1. Bourne

    Hi, i recognized your project. It looks very interesting for me.
    But i have two qustions about it.
    The first one is .. will it be open source or an free aplication?
    And the second one is will it support the second version of the kinect that will be released on the 1. febuary?
    I have seen already similar projects like iescan 3dp, but this is tooo expensiv for me and an good looking open source version 3d Scan2.0 from the TU freiberg who has no graphical user interface.
    I will buy the kinect 2 if it will be released in february then i could also do beta testing for you, if you want and the software will be released as an open source or free edition. Else i must look further for my use.

    Thanks Bourne

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Bourne,

      thanks for asking these questions.

      As far as support for new Kinect is concerned, we don’t know. I doubt that we are able to get a new Kinect across Austria before mid 2012. I’d love to test this device however, since it will allow better resolution for small scale objects and we will definitely work on supporting it.

      We haven’t completed our business plan for ReconstructMe. Chances are rather slim that we release it as Open Source, except the feedback requesting this is overwhelming and the community picks up further development and maintenance.

      What we currently know is that the result of BETA will be freely available. So basic scanning and post processing should be possible for predefined volumes. To continue development and support from this point on we could imagine to request a small fee from our users. Sorry, I cannot be more precise at this point in time, since we don’t know any better.

      Please, feel free to sign up for the BETA program.


      1. Mike Phillips

        If you are interested, I can buy one in the US and ship to you from Germany. I am often in Germany on business. That would give you a few months “head start” versus having to wait for the European launch… My understanding is the US launch is this Wednesday… E-mail me if you are interested.

          1. Christoph Heindl Post author

            That’s great news! I hope so. If true, I we will run for it!


    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Richard, please sign up for the beta on the main page ( by leaving a reply including your hardware setup and your intended use of ReconstructMe.


    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      We’ve tested with the console version and will test with the ASUS device next week. Not sure about the PC version. A couple of beta testers own one, I hope they report back.

  2. Justin

    I would like to try the beta out, I have been playing around with a laser line scanner but not getting great results and this is what I have been looking for to get a lot of use out of my reprap.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Justin, I’m sorry but the BETA is closed. Please wait for the public release. In the meantime check the blog for news. Thanks, Christoph

  3. simon broder

    Hello Christoph,
    I am in the UK.
    I would love to get to test this. I know this is late, but would still like to participate.
    I am getting a kinect for PC next week and would like to beta test your SW on this and in solidworks too. Any chance?

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Simon, thanks for your interest in ReconstructMe. I’m sorry, but the BETA is closed, we cannot handle any more people. I know this sounds a bit crude but please wait for the public beta to be released (around end of Feb.)


  4. Steve


    I anxiously await your public beta, and will certainly give it a try when it is released. In the mean time, is it possible to obtain access to the current BETA discussions without participating in the current BETA trial?

    I would like to stay current on the development of the capability.


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