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No, a license will not effect reconstruction performance. Instead, please check if your system has a powerful graphics card inside. If you have a powerful graphics card, try to update your display driver and make sure that ReconstructMe uses the correct device.


If you need to replace only single hardware components of your computer, chances are that your license still remains valid. The license holds a certain number of hardware hashes (usually 5). At least 50 percent of the hardware hashes of the license have to match the current system hardware hashes.

If more components broke or you had to replace your entire machine, please write an E-Mail to including the order number and the issue you ran into. Note that E-Mails without order numbers will be ignored.


Please place the license file inside Documents/My ReconstructMe/License directory. If for any reason your user’s name contains special characters such as ',ä,ü place the license file in a neutral named directory instead. Then apply the license file as outlined in How does licensing work with ReconstructMe?


Check if your license expired. Just open the license in your favorite text editor and see the issue_date. From this time, the license is valid for version which are released from issue_date to issue_date +360 days. If so, then your license is still valid, but not for that version.

When you have replaced hardware components your license might also become invalid. See How do I get a new license if my computer breaks? for details.


Users can recind from their order within one week after purchase. Please write an E-Mail to including the order number and your issue you ran into. Note, E-Mails without order numbers will be ignored.


Your license never expires. The license comes with fixed number of maintenance days. During this period of time you are free to update to newer ReconstructMe versions. After the period you cannot update to a ReconstructMe version that was released after your maintenance period. Consider purchasing a new license or revert ReconstructMe to an older version.


You will need to purchase a ReconstructMe license whenever you use ReconstructMe in an commercial context. Since 15th of September 2015 the ReconstructMe scanning application is free for non commercial applications.

As a developer, when you download the ReconstructMe SDK it will run in unlicensed mode by default. This means a set of limitations are active:

Image watermarks
During scanning the reconstruction shows an ‘Unlicensed ReconstructMe’ or similar text overlay.
Mesh watermarks
Once you save the reconstruction result, you will find a 3D text ‘ReconstructMe’ combined with the scanned object. Additionally artificial spheres are added to the output.
Slow mesh generation
Mesh generation is slowed down on purpose by a couple of seconds.


ReconstructMe enables / disables and modifies functionality based on the license applied. By default ReconstructMe comes unlicensed and with some limitations. Once you purchase a license the following happens


Generate hardware hashes
The license is bound to the hardware and in order to generate your license, the ReconstructMe team needs to know the hardware information (the hashes) from the computer you intend to run ReconstructMe on. After purchase a team member will be in touch via E-Mail requesting your hardware hashes.

Todo so, start ReconstructMe and copy your hardware hashes to the clipboard using the Copy to clipboard button as shown in the image below.


Reply to the E-Mail mentioned above and don’t forget to paste the hardware hashes into it.

Applying the license
Once we’ve received your hardware hashes we will generate a license file and return it to you via E-Mail. Copy this file to Documents/My Reconstructme/Licenses. Open ReconstructMe, navigate to the License tab and click Select License. In the dialog window to open select your license file and click Open.

This should apply the license and the licensing tab should reflect a valid license as shown below.



Usually the process takes between one and two working days depending on your time-zone and time of purchase. We give our best to serve as fast as we can, but the process is not fully automated. A positive side-effect: you are talking to real humans.


ReconstructMe runs by default in LITE mode. LITE mode is for free but comes with some limitations. By purchasing a license the limitations are removed.


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