How does licensing work with ReconstructMe?

ReconstructMe enables / disables and modifies functionality based on the license applied. By default ReconstructMe comes unlicensed and with some limitations. Once you purchase a license the following happens


Generate hardware hashes
The license is bound to the hardware and in order to generate your license, the ReconstructMe team needs to know the hardware information (the hashes) from the computer you intend to run ReconstructMe on. After purchase a team member will be in touch via E-Mail requesting your hardware hashes.

Todo so, start ReconstructMe and copy your hardware hashes to the clipboard using the Copy to clipboard button as shown in the image below.


Reply to the E-Mail mentioned above and don’t forget to paste the hardware hashes into it.

Applying the license
Once we’ve received your hardware hashes we will generate a license file and return it to you via E-Mail. Copy this file to Documents/My Reconstructme/Licenses. Open ReconstructMe, navigate to the License tab and click Select License. In the dialog window to open select your license file and click Open.

This should apply the license and the licensing tab should reflect a valid license as shown below.


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