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The company Occipital has recently released their Structure sensor. We ordered one early this year and received it yesterday. Now we’d like to show you how you can use it together with ReconstructMe.

The Structure sensor is based on a PrimeSense Carmine / Capri 1.08 depth sensor and comes without an additional RGB camera module. Since it is PrimeSense based technology, a Structure sensor can simply be accessed via OpenNI, a framework developed by PrimeSense.


In order to use the sensor on Windows using ReconstructMe you should order one including the Hacker cable, which allows you to connect the sensor to a standard USB slot on your Windows machine. The sensor packages comes with an USB hacker cable, an iPad connector cable and a power supply to charge the built-in battery. For ReconstructMe, only the following parts are needed to get it run.


Note that we didn’t need to charge its internal battery which we assume is only needed for iPad uses where additional power is needed to keep the sensor running.

To get the sensor recognized in Windows you need to install OpenNI. Connect the sensor via the USB Hacker cable to the USB slot on your PC. Your sensor should be recognized in the device manager as PrimeSense.

Next, start ReconstructMe. Once started, ReconstructMe will detect your sensor and you are (almost)ready to go. As with every sensor it makes sensor to calibrate it in order to get the best reconstruction results. Luckily we’ve already done this for you and provide a specific Structure sensor configuration file. To apply the configuration, navigate to Device / Sensor Selection. Uncheck Automatically detect sensor and browse to the sensor configuration file.


ReconstructMe will re-open your sensor and now you are all set for scanning.


In our tests the Structure turned out to be a decent depth sensor on par with a Carmine 1.08. Below is a video showing a quick self scan.

Enjoy scanning.

4 thoughts on “ sensor in ReconstructMe

  1. Scott Bel

    Hi there. I tried the new sensor with Reconstructme and it worked great.
    My question is, what is the plan and timeline for reconstruct me to work wireless, which it needs to get the color data from the iPad’s camera.
    Skanect will have their software release out soon…but skanect can not even come close to recontructme’s tracking, so I don’t want to use skanect…however I do need color…and thus wireless capability with reconstructme.
    Thanks and again, great work so far with the new sensor.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Best Regards,

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Scott,

      we have our own streaming interface in the pipeline, but it is not mature yet. We will let you know when we have news.


  2. umberto

    have you some news about your streaming interface ??
    i want to use your product in conjunction with the camera (with color…)

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