ReconstructMe SDK with UV Texture Support and x64 Bit Support

Today we are happy to release an update for ReconstructMe SDK. The past couple of months we have worked hard on adding support for the two most requested features. One is that the new SDK now is able to export UV texture maps and the other improvment is 64bit support.

UV Texture Mapping

Previously, ReconstructMe was not able to export colorized meshes in .OBJ file format, due to the fact that this format does not support vertex colors. We have now adopted our pipeline to automatically convert from vertex colors to UV texture mapping when exporting as OBJ.

As simple as this may sound, this is not a trivial conversion and requires some hard thinking to get things right. The involved steps include unfolding complex 3D-dimensional shapes onto a 2D disc in such a way that minimal visual distortions appear plus rearranging individual portions of the unfolded structure in such a way that emptyness in the texture-space is avoided.

On the left side of the image above you can see a final textured mesh. The green lines indicate the texture seams, i.e the cuts that were made virtually to unfold the mesh to a disc like structure. On the right side the texture map is displayed.

We consider the current development progress beta. So when you use that feature expect some glitches, such as increased computation time and visual artefacts along texture seams.

x64 Bit Support

As promised we, from now on, release 32bit and 64bit versions of our SDK side by side. You should consider switching to the 64 bit version when processing huge models that come with a large memory footprint when processing them. The 64 bit allows the SDK to address more memory and complete the processing in such cases.

You can download the updated SDK here.

6 thoughts on “ReconstructMe SDK with UV Texture Support and x64 Bit Support

  1. Karl M

    I have run the old version Reconstruct Me….then I downloaded and executed the new version ( 64 bits with texture for OBJ files… But still the ReconstructMe say it isnt possible to export OBJ files with color-texture…
    It seems it hasnt update to the new version…What to do ???
    For me its very important…
    Best regards
    Karl M

  2. progres

    When exporting to obj – format the mtl file is present, but texture file (supposedly jpg/png…)is missing
    Is this as expected or is there something I’m doing wrong here ?
    (Running latest version 2.5.1034 and realsense r200 with latest sdk and win 10)

  3. Gavin Haughey

    I’m struggling with the same problem.
    Windows10/3D Builder will .ply and see the surface.
    MeshLab will see the texture of a .ply file but not the .obj

    I’ve tried importing & exporting every type of file to every program I know and online conversion sites.

    I’m trying to import into Google Sketchup and I’ve tried every .obj import plugin.

    I can’t the surface to import with the mesh.
    Can anyone help?


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