ReconstructMe SDK 1.1.739 released

We’ve just released ReconstructMe SDK 1.1 which brings you improved image support, calibration support as well as an increased scanning time for non-commercial projects. This release also greatly improves the documentation of the API with additional examples and sections on critical API elements.

Get the latest version from our SDK project page.

3 thoughts on “ReconstructMe SDK 1.1.739 released

  1. Marcel Borlin

    Hi Christoph

    I am looking to get a commercial license since some time and was planing to buy in automn.

    I was on holliday for some time and did not have possibility to work whith ReMe for more than 1 month.

    Today I looked again at your webpage and I got very confused of the changes:
    -I do not find the Forum Sektion anymore.
    -I do not find anymore all the parameters like Higres (human, 1m, 3m ) which had to be tipped in the command window?

    Beside i am confused about ReMe SDK, ReMe Console , and ReMe QT.
    -What is the difference between ReMe ( as it was on download 3 month ago) and ReMe SDK?
    -Do i need to install different parts of software?
    -On the webpage there is no pricing for ReMe SDK ?

    I am amazed how much changes you did in so short time.


    Marcel Börlin

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