ReconstructMe 2.3.952 released

We are happy to announce the release of ReconstructMe 2.3.952 today. The latest version can be downloaded here.

I’d like to briefly introduce the new SDK / UI features here and bring in-depth information in upcoming blog posts. The SDK / UI now supports the Intel RealSense F200 camera and we’ve reworked sensor positioning API to allow a more fine-grained control over the scan start position of the sensor with respect to the volume.

The UI now supports a rich set of sensor position options which include positioning the sensor based on a special marker seen by the sensor. This feature allows you to easily position the volume in world-space. The following video shows a turn-table reconstruction of a toy horse using marker positioning and the Intel RealSense F200 camera.

If you would like to try out the new Intel RealSense F200 camera, please download this sensor configuration file. You will need to specify the path to this file in the UI at Device / Sensor.

In case you want to give the marker positioning a try, please download this marker image, print it and measure the printed size in millimeters. Make sure to leave a big white border around the marker. You will need to set the correct marker size in the UI at Volume / Volume Position. We usually print the marker with size 90 millimeters. When using marker positioning, make sure the sensor captures the entire marker.

When you notice that the sensor position starts to vary as you move the marker, you know that ReconstructMe has detected the marker. Once ReconstructMe found the marker, you can use the Offset slider to adjust where the volume starts.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “ReconstructMe 2.3.952 released

  1. sipon

    So Realsense F200 is full VGA depth resolution ( 640×480) while kinect is 320×240 ? right ?
    Does F200 improve scan quality a lot ?
    Does the 1080p camera improve texture too ?

  2. Davide Fodaro

    Hi Christoph ,
    I would to report which the last version of SDK realsense dont work with reconstructme, there is an update?
    thanks in advance for your answer


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