ReconstructMe 2.0 – Calling for Beta Users

Hello everyone,

today I have the pleasure to announce that we are about the release our new graphical user interface along with a set of new features that matured in the last couple of months. The following images give a quick impression of the new look and feel of ReconstructMe 2.0

QReconstructMe2.0 QReconstructMe2.0_scan2

Calling for beta users
We’ve essentially entered feature freeze state for the next release and concentrate on fixing the latest glitches that we observe in our test environment. Since we cannot test every single graphics card and setup, we’d like to call for beta testers for our next release. In case you are interested in joining the beta, please write to and shortly tell us why you’d love to test the new ReconstructMe.

Our schedule foresees that we send out ReconstructMe 2.0 to our beta testers Tuesday (2013/09/10) next week and gather feedback until the end of next week. In case no serious issues pop up, we will be releasing on Monday the 16th of September to the public!

Rest assured, we will be continuing to blog about new features in the coming weeks. We wish everyone a happy reconstruction!

2 thoughts on “ReconstructMe 2.0 – Calling for Beta Users

  1. Susan Margolis

    We would be interested. I am teaching with your free version of reconstructme. I would like to see if the new version of meshes are easier to heal and if I can vary the size, volume and scale of the scan. I believe that it will be a good investment for the kids. With 0 funds in our photo course, I’m trying to keep things interesting and we are examining all the ways that imaging can become a career choice. I do hope that you will let us work with you to make the project easy even for students (and their teachers) to use! Thank you for considering us, SM

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