ReconstructMe 1.2 using Carmine 1.09 High Detail

MagWeb just dropped us the following high-detail self-scan using ReconstructMe 1.2 and PrimeSense Carmine 1.09. He writes

Just to give some idea of what you can get with the new version and its Carmine 1.09 support: The attached results were done using Carmine 1.09 with glasses. Seems Carmine firmware (or OpenNi 2) performs some self calibration so adding glasses works fine without doing any external calibration

15 thoughts on “ReconstructMe 1.2 using Carmine 1.09 High Detail

      1. Joe Saltzman

        Sorry, I don’t understand. I took this to mean that the OP had affixed magnifying lenses to the exterior of the sensor in order to improve performance. Is this not the case? Did I misunderstand something? I’m confused now :-/

          1. Christoph Heindl

            Kinect does not have zoom lense glasses, only wide angle glasses. These glasses are standard +2.5 dioptre glasses.

  1. Lucas

    Can anyone tell which glasses are used to optimize the carmine 1.09 sensor? Custom setup of magnifying lenses? Any pics of the unit with glasses? Can we make/assemble them ourselves? Would like to know, as anybody else here i imagine..

    1. Rich beck

      Reading glasses that you can get at a pharmacy. +2.5 or +3.0 magnification. I read were someone popped them out and attached them to the sensor.

  2. Scott Bell

    For the standard glasses used for this, could someone post a how-to for fastening them to the sensor for those of us that would like to try this?

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