ReconstructMe 0.4.0-370 released

As you may have noticed we are currently re-designing our homepage and preparing everything to get ready for the first commercial version.

To bridge the time gap, here’s our brand new version of ReconstructMe featuring

  • Added multiple volume scanning and stitching feature.
  • Added a fast .ply file exporter.
  • Added interactive 3d mesh preview when pausing a scan.
  • Fixed Microsoft Kinect for Windows projector turn-off when closing the application.
  • Fixed selecting a specific sensor by id.
  • Added a new polygonization algorithm to speed up mesh preview and saving.
  • Renamed --realtime to --scan.
  • Updated color theme of ReconstructMe.

Get it from the downloads page and consult the usage manual for help on multiple volume scanning. Note, that you might need to update your configuration files.

Happy Reconstructing!

10 thoughts on “ReconstructMe 0.4.0-370 released

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Each instance of ReconstructMe can talk to one sensor. What has been fixed is that multiple instances of ReMe can talk to different sensors.

  1. Gerrit Corsmeyer

    Very Very nice!
    Stitching with the 1m Confing works fine, but I have some problems with the 3m Config. It looks like he’s using the same virtual space?

    Is it possible to make a realtime scan and at the same time recording the RGB Video? I want try to make a Camera tracking to get the Texture back to the scanned Object.

    And .. I wanted ask you about your PLY Workflow. I still try to use Meshlab, but it chrashes very often. I am not able to get a final result without chrashes with Meshlab.

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Gerrit, thanks for using ReconstructMe!

      The 3m extends 1.5 meter to the front and the back, left, right. It’s currently not possible to reconstruct and scan at the same time. It used to be, but no one used the option so we dropped it. We will work on texturing though.

      Why or when does meshlab crash? what version of meshlab are you using?

      Please report any further problems in the newsgroup.


  2. sonicwang

    I am a game artist form China.
    I like it very very much !!
    It is much more easyer to use than regular scaner. very good for cloth wrinkel scan and base shape scan.
    I am keep trying every version .but the last version I can statup is ReconstructMe_221 ,after that,always error at 0xc000007b when i try to start.
    My computer is Win7 64 8G RAM i5 750 GTX 460 1G . I had try to redownload all d3dx file,but not work.
    should i run it at XP 32?
    Befor ReconstructMe .I never thought 3D scan can be done in such a easy and cheap way. fantastic !!

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your feedback :) Please report your problem i the forum, that way it gets more attention. Did you follow the installation instructions carefully?


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