ReconstructMe 0.4.0-255 released

We have just released ReconstructMe 0.4.0-255 that contains Microsoft Kinect for Windows and Near Mode support. Here are the details

  • Support for Microsoft Kinect for Windows added.
  • Fixed and extended batch starters.
  • First version to build against Microsoft Visual Studio 10.

The installation procedure and usage have been updated. Especially you will need to update the C++ redistributables.

ReconstructMe now supports at least 4 different sensors.

One thought on “ReconstructMe 0.4.0-255 released

  1. jerome lebrun

    does kinect windows with near mode do higher resolution scan ?
    do you plan to add vertex color on meshes like 3Dify ?

    reconstructme is so great ! can’t stop scanning !
    when will you release automatic stitching?

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