New Releases

We are proud to announce the newest release of ReconstructMe SDK and ReconstructMeQt. We’ve put a lot of efforts into both releases in the hope of making 3D reconstruction easier, more robust and versatile. Here is a video of ReconstructMeQt in action!

One of the major changes introduced in ReconstructMe SDK 1.4 is the addition of global tracking based on CANDELOR as reported in an earlier blog post. We find reconstruction much more robust with these algorithms in place. It also allows us to advance into new workflows such as point-and-shoot based reconstruction.

Secondly, we think that you are happy to hear that we have removed the forced tracking-loss limitation in the unlicensed version. The limitation is replaced artificial spheres generated into the output mesh.

Our graphical user fronted ReconstructMeQt 1.1 has received a couple of major usability improvements. You are now able to preview the surface directly, decimate before saving the mesh and choose among different rendering options.

As always, you can read about all changes at the corresponding release logs (ReconstructMe SDK, ReconstructMeQt).

Happy reconstruction!

19 thoughts on “New Releases

  1. Claes

    Congratulations ReconstructMe Team to some excelent work. This version is a great step forward. Laptops with lower end graphics cards can now generate usable geometries (I own one of those).

  2. ambra blu

    thing with reconstruct me is that it doesnt work with kinect for windows, although you mention it does work. NO, IT DOES NOT, it fails to recognize its sensor. it only works with xbox kinect 1414.

    1. Martin Ankerl

      Hi there, ReMe works with the Kinect for Windows, actually most of our sensors are that. Maybe try to uninstall kinect drivers (OpenNI, current kinect driver) and reinstall the current Kinect for windows SDK).

      Also don’t connect it to a USB3 connector

  3. ambra blu

    besides, no rgb scanning? there are toolkits available that allow for rgbd scan, visualize, capture, etc. rgb toolkit which is free; kscan3d which is faster than your software, more accurate within 6m, easier to use etc etc etc. i had high hopes about reconstruct me but i was disapointed

  4. DNA

    Hello, 1.1.74 can’t find VCOMP100.dll on Win 7 64 bit. My VCOMP100.dll is in system(32).

    Is this version only for 32 bit? RMQ 1.0.29 works great, but 1.1.74 is broke. Thanks……..

  5. StuFromOz

    Hi i’m running Windows 8 64 Bit. The install doesn’t work if I select to use the drivers which you have packaged. I therefore used the drivers from the MS Kinect site. I then tried to run your app but it fails in the step where it detects the sensing devices. Does your app support Windows 8. I also tried running it in compatibility mode but it still doesn’t work

  6. DNA


    RMQT 1295 Win8 . GTX 675M Driver 306.14 works OK, but GeForce update 314.07 causes RMQT to crash. Rolled back to 314.07 and runs great.

    Don’t know who to ask, but would be nice to have my lic for the weekend. Sent 2nd request with hash this morning. Thank you again, wonderful work!

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