If You Love Something, Set It Free


From now on, ReconstructMe – our user interface for digitzing the world in 3d – is available to everyone for free!

We offer ReconstructMe free of cost and without limitations for private and non-commercial projects. This means you can download ReconstructMe and use it for everything from scanning for 3d printing, architecture, documentation and animation. For commercial purposes we continue offer royality fee based licenses of ReconstructMe and ReconstructMe SDK.

Head over to the download area and grab the latest version in order to set it free. If you already have ReconstructMe licensed, but your license expired, then re-open ReconstructMe and it will run in non-commercial mode instead of unlicensed mode.

8 thoughts on “If You Love Something, Set It Free

  1. Daniel Constantin

    Hi Christoph!
    Congratulations! This is going to be very well welcome by lots of people and will boost the interest (it’s proved that free stuff gets more attention than any trial – though removing the watermark was 3 clicks in Meshmixer ;)
    I’m wondering if you are going to attend the 3D scanning event in Lugano, at the end of October?!
    Since I am deeply determined to take part, it would be great to meet you there :)
    I cannot deny that I’m looking for partial sponsorship for the conference. I’d love also to present Scanoman (still in original version, and still working), but this would require more resources than what I’m able to secure. Should you have any hint. Please let me know.
    Please keep up the very good work!
    All The Best,
    Daniel Constantin

    1. Christoph Heindl Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      thanks a lot for your feedback. My co-worker Harald intends to go there. We are giving a speech on the SDK.


  2. Lorena Gutiérrez Jiménez

    Hi Christoph! i´m student of Industrial Design in Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and I´m doing my thesis on digitisation of insect for the Entomological Museum, as a tool for the study of this insect online and free.
    “Reconstructme” it´s going to be crucial in the develop of the “Entomuseo” interface, to bring free education for all and free.
    I´d like to have more infomation about if i could use reflex camera or video specialized in order to have more resolution of the image. Thanks very much and i´ll show you the results of my work based on yours.

  3. Christoph Heindl Post author

    Hi Lorena,

    you could use one for texturing the geometry of the object. It would require you to register the depth and color camera, so you know the transformation between them. You could then use the depth camera with ReconstructMe to scan an object while taking color fotos. In a postprocessing step you would than map the texture onto the geomtry.


  4. Katherin Huertas

    Good day Christoph Heindl,

    I am Katherin student of Topographic Engineering in the University Distrital in Colombia, am doing my thesis with the software reconstructme and I would like to know how I can export the information of the vertexes of the three-dimensional model.

    Thank you very much

    1. Thomas Pönitz

      Hi Katherin,

      when the scan is finished just click on “Save” and choose your preferred file format.

  5. Katherin Huertas

    Good day, I have two questions,

    1. I obtain the information, when the sensor one still in a place. I don´t know how is the configuration in reconstructme to move the sensor
    I would like to know how I can take the information whit the sensor moves.

    2. When I export the information in extension .off, It generates 6 data, I wanted to know each one corresponds, for example (-30.0156, -60.0313, 119 0.360194, -0.341775, -0.868015, 117 95 101)

  6. Katherin Huertas

    Then in the same file .off, there appear four entire numbers (3, 253, 251, 252) to which they correspond? I realize an investigation and I need to have coordinates to compare, I would like to know which is the origin that takes.

    And when I export the information in extension .obj, It generates for example:
    v -48.1250000 -203.4603729 -303.1875000
    vn -0.4363445 0.8965331 0.0763660
    vt 0.940993488 0.241939023
    f 70205/386476 70204/386477 70166/386478
    I want to know, what date match whit “v, vn, vt, f”, That each one means.


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