3 thoughts on “Feature Survey

  1. Michael

    Congrats on your professionalism for creating this software and letting it be free.

    Best add on would be
    The ability to capture the textures along with the scanned 3d model.



  2. Bartlomiej

    Yes, agree, textures would be great.
    I wrote Christoph Heindl why they didnt store the color of each point…
    He replied that this feature was impllemented but if you move around the object, the one color which was captured, has a complely different colorvalue at a different perspective. This produces a flicker carpet.
    I hope they will find a solution. I thought about reducing the colorĀ“s deep to 256 colors, and experimenting with that. I think the key for that issue is to understand how an artist works with textures.
    1 step: taking images (depends on object how much)from 6 perspectives, 2. placing them manually onto the object.
    As far I understood Heindl Christoph, the program captures an “infinte” number of “colors/textures” refreshing them with the captured new “geometry” lets say 20 times in a second.
    I know that there is a nice/fast/elegant solution for that issue.

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