A simple turntable scanner with ReconstructMe

We thought it is about time to inform you about some upcoming features of the new ReconstructMe SDK release. We’ve changed quite a bit and in this post we want to introduce the new marker detection feature.

marker A marker, like the one on the right, is a special object placed in the view of the camera that has a couple of unique features: from a software point of view it is easily detectable, allows the estimation of camera pose with respect to the marker frame and does not need dense 3d data.

Great, but why would I need a marker detection in ReconstructMe? There are multiple reasons, but the most striking one for us was usability. We think markers are great way of interactively defining the reconstruction space. How often did you restart a scan, just because you badly positioned the camera? It probably happens quite often, even to us!

With marker detection this changes. Simply place the marker in the scene where you would like the reconstruction volume to be. Make sure the camera sees the marker and start scanning. The reconstruction volume will line up with the real-world marker position.

That’s not all. You additionally get the following features for free

  • A canoncial world coordinate system The marker defines position and orientation of the world coordinate system. It is designed in such a way that if laid on the floor, the z-axis of the world frame points towards the ceiling.
  • Automatic removal of stands and floor data By letting the world volume start a bit above the marker coordinate system you can cut away floor and turntable data.
  • Improve tracking Although not used by us, you could use the marker frame to perform camera tracking.

Not yet convinced? Take a look at the following video of a turntable based scanner.

What the video doesn’t tell you: once the scanning starts you are free to move the camera around as you would usually do with ReconstructMe.

9 thoughts on “A simple turntable scanner with ReconstructMe

  1. Stephen Etherington

    I am very interested in the 3D technologies and would like to ask if you need a special type of camera to scan the model or would any good quality Video camera work?

    Also the marker! am I right in thinking that you target the camera to the Marker first then place your object on it? are you aware of turntables you could recommend for heavy weight i.e. two adults or a family? etc

  2. Vangel Kukov

    I am using the marker to define world coordinate system and the position of the scanning volume but when I save the mesh and export it to another application (Rhinoceros3D) the coordinate system there does not match the one of the marker, instead it is in the middle of the volume. If I move the mesh up half the height of the scanning volume the object will match the coordinate system but there are still be few mm of error. Is it possible to save the mesh with the coordinate system matching exactly this of the marker. Thank you.

  3. Alex O.

    Hello, I am running non-commercial ReconstructMe 2.5.1034 and have printed out the marker and have set the “Volume” settings to “Position with respect to a Marker” but the preview image doesn’t seem to detect it. I am using a Kinect V1.

    Also, I don’t see the option for a split screen view of the camera on one side and the scan image on the other??

  4. Jeremy

    Pardon if this sounds silly, but i just want to make sure I understand: the marker feature is NOT available with the standard version of the software and the SDK needs to be installed, correct?

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