180 Amazing 3D Scans from the Long Night of Research 2014

Hello everyone! We had a great Long Night of Research last Friday with more than 300 people visiting us at PROFACTOR. And we scanned most of them! More than 180 people agreed to upload their scans to our site. Here’s a good example of what those scans look like.

Over the weekend we uploaded all models to our site and rolled out our very own 3D web-based viewer. The viewer should work with most modern browsers (expect probably Internet Explorer). If you see an error message when clicking the above play button, you probably need to update your internet browser or switch to a different one.

Entire collection

To view all scanned models, click the image below. Note those are rendered 3D scans, not photographs – no manual post-processing applied.


Amazing, isn’t it? Tell us about your favorite scan!

Words on post-processing

As promised, we’d like to mention a couple of things for all the people who want to download and post-process their files. First of all, model files can be downloaded through our 3D viewer. For storage reasons ReconstructMe uses the OpenCTM file format for web downloads. In order to view or post-process the model, you will therefore need a tool that can handle OpenCTM files.

Although there many tools around we recommend to use Meshlab. It runs on all major platforms such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. Meshlab provides conversion between many file-formats and it is free to use.

Some people mentioned that they would like to turn their virtual models into 3D printed busts. You can do this by ordering your 3D print at a 3D printing services. In the recent years many such services have been created. The most famous ones are Shapeways and Sculpteo.


Unless otherwise stated, all 3D model files are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. This means you can share or adapt them as long as you give appropriate credit and don’t use the material for commerical purposes.

We’d like to conclude with another great scan.

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