ReconstructMe with Glasses

Inspired by ideas of MagWeb, Tony Buser has done an awesome glasses mod with the Kinect and ReconstructMe. He got +2.5 reading glasses and fixed them in front of the kinect. It is a bit difficult to get a complete scan with these as the image is distored, but the result looks really excellent:

The mod looks really cool, I am amazed that this actually works… It definitely shows that adding a lens to the Kinect might be a good solution to be able to scan small parts. The difficult part will be to provide a calibration method that can successfully undistort the data.

Here are the settings Tony Buser has used for this scan:

camera_size_x: 640
camera_size_y: 480
camera_fx: 514.16
camera_fy: 514.16
camera_px: 320
camera_py: 240
camera_near: 100
camera_far: 2000
volume_size: 512
volume_min {
x: -250
y: -250
z: 400
volume_max {
x: 250
y: 250
z: 900
integrate_truncation: 10
integrate_max_weight: 64
icp_max_iter: 20
icp_max_dist2: 200
icp_min_cos_angle: 0.9
smooth_normals: false
disable_optimizations: false
extract_step_fact: 0.5

9 thoughts on “ReconstructMe with Glasses

  1. Parker Thompson

    AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it myself, has anyone tried the Nyko Zoom to obtain a similar result? I have one but haven’t attempted to use it.

    1. Christoph Heindl

      Hi Parker, note that the Nyko Zoom lense is actually a wide-angle lense which causes less resolution due to a wider field of view.

  2. piet deprez

    Is there any evolution regarding the use of glasses to improve the scanning of small objects ? Has anybody thought about contactlenses?
    I’m just getting into scanning (Xtion Pro live + Reconstructme).

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