ReconstructMe – User Guide

  1. Installation
  2. Prepare Sensor and Calculation Device
  3. Licensing


ReconstructMe provides an Installer. If the installation directory contains an older version of ReconstructMe, it will be overridden. The installation provides

  • The necessary binaries for ReconstructMe
  • Start Menu entry
  • Desktop shortcut
  • “My ReconstructMe” – directory in the users Documents after first program start

Sensor drivers has to be installed seperately, see Prepare Sensor and Calculation Device.

Prepare Sensor and Calculation Device

Verify, that the necessary drivers are installed on your system.

Sensor Drivers

The necessary sensor driver depends on the sensor you are using. For Asus Xtion install the Xtion driver, for both Microsoft Kinect (XBox 360 Kinect; Kinect for Windows) install Microsoft Kinect Runtime SDK 1.6. Check, if your Sensor appears in the device manager.

Computation Device Drivers

ReconstructMe requires a lot of computation power. The core computations of ReconstructMe are optimized for hardware accellerated realtime computing. Therefore, a recent graphics card and a recent driver for your graphics cards is required. Please download it from your graphics card vendors homepage.


Using ReconstructMe commercial, a license is required. The licensing process is illustrated below.
Licenses can be purchuased via our webshop. After the purchase, the licensing process gets started which consits of mainly two steps.

  1. The license is bound to the hardware. Thus, after getting the order, we will request some anonymized information of the hardware where you intend to run ReconstructMe on. The hardware hashes can be aquired in the license menue. Please send them back.
  2. We then will generate your license and send it to you by E-Mail. A good path to store the license at, is Documents/My Reconstructme/Licenses. After saving the license, click on Select license and select the license.

    When the license is selected and the evaluation is positive, the license status will become blue.

After these steps your are allowed to use ReconstructMe commercially on the computer, the license is valid for.