ReconstructMe SDK  2.6.43-0
Real-time 3D reconstruction engine
Here is a list of all modules:
 ContextFundamental building block in reconstruction
 OptionsGeneric options object to manipulate system settings
 Options BindingsLists all available option bind methods
 SensorAcquire data from real-world sensors or from file streams
 ImageLoad, save and manipulate 2D images
 VolumeAccess and manipulate the reconstruction volume
 TransformAccess and manipulate transformation matrices
 SurfaceCompute a 3D triangle mesh from content of the reconstruction volume
 RecorderStreams sensor data to disk for later replay
 CalibrationProvides intrinsic camera calibration
 ViewingProvides basic inline viewing capatibilities for debugging purposes
 LicenseAuthenticate your copy of ReconstructMe SDK
 Marker Detection6DOF marker detection
 CSGConstructive Solid Geometry operations
 BagUser defined key-value maps with fast serialization
 RemoteMessaging accross device boundaries