ReconstructMe SDK  2.6.43-0
Real-time 3D reconstruction engine
Licensing your ReconstructMe SDK

Information on available license models

ReconstructMe SDK comes in multiple flavors:

  • A non-commercial version with a small set of limitations. This is the default behaviour of the API. If not licensed, or licensing fails, ReconstructMe returns to it's non-commercial state. Note that you are not allowed to use ReconstructMe in non-commercial mode for any kind of commercial projects.
  • A commercial version tied to a single seat. You are provided a signed license file that removes the above mentioned limitations. Authentication will fail, when used on a different hardware (note we apply a gentle approach - allowing you exchange a couple of hardware devices, before authentication fails) or the build date of the SDK is newer than your maintenance period.
  • A commercial version tied to a single software product (unlimited). You are provided a license file without hardware specific bindings that allows you to redistribute ReconstructMe SDK with your software product.
  • A commercial version tied to a dongle. Currently supports Sentinel HASP dongles.
  • A commercial version tied to a serial number.

Both, single seat and unlimited licenses are authenticated via the License interface.