ReconstructMe SelfieHD Early Access


This summer ReconstructMe is launching SelfieHD. SelfieHD is a tech preview of a new product that simplifies generating high resolution 3D busts like the one shown above. In case you are interested in getting an early access account, please fill out the following form. Note, the number of early access tickets is limited and participants will be selected manually based on the input provided.

4 thoughts on “ReconstructMe SelfieHD Early Access

  1. Vilem Duha

    I miss one thing in the recent releases of ReconstructMe – and that is the ability to record and reconstruct during playback.
    In old reconstructme, it allowed best results, because you coud set up best possible settings for your card, and get a great reconstruction through this. Now I have to either tune down resolution, or face slow updates where is big risk of losing track and subject movement.
    Please, could this be somehow brought back in ReconstructMe?

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