Free ReconstructMe 2.4.1016 released

On behalf of the ReconstructMe team, I’m proud to announce ReconstructMe v2.4.1016. This update improves support for the following sensors

  • Intel RealSense F200
  • Intel RealSense R200

You can grab the latest version from our download page. We are releasing this version free of charge for non-commercial projects as announced recently.


To use Intel RealSense cameras on your computer you will need to install Intel RealSense camera drivers and use the correct ReconstructMe sensor configuration files. For your convenience, you can download both from below.

Once you have installed the necessary components, open ReconstructMe and set the path to the configuration file as shown in the screenshot below.



Please note that Intel recommends connecting the sensors to a dedicated USB3 port directly. Avoid using hubs or extension cables. When your sensor does not respond for longer period of time, restarting the Intel depth camera services might help. You can easily find these services in local services management console as shown below


15 thoughts on “Free ReconstructMe 2.4.1016 released

  1. Luca Covello

    Dear Christoph,

    I cannot execute ReMe 2.4.1016 using Intel RealSense F200. The program keeps crashing when I load the cfg file for the sensor.

    I’ve already installed all the driver for the sensor. What should I do to fix the problem?

    Kind regards,

  2. Luca Covello

    Dear Christoph,

    Problem solved, thanks for your support.

    Great results with Intel Real Sense F200 and ReMe 2.4.1016!

    Kind regards,

  3. Dragos

    Works great with my R200. It updates rapidly and the tracking is only lost with fast movements.

    I only have seen one issue – the texture resolution is extremely low. The R200 has a 1080p RGB camera. Can you improve the mesh texture resolution, maybe replacing the vertex colours with UV textures from the camera ?

    Also, even on the high fidelity mode, the voxel precision is quite low and the edges of the objects are fuzzy, much more than 5 mm. Can we improve on it ?

  4. Christoph Heindl Post author


    we are working on native texture support heavily. We will keep you posted!


  5. Fab B.

    Great, thanks a lot for releasing a free version of ReconstructMe!
    I was wondering whether one can expect a big improvements in spatial accuracy for the RealSense cameras e.g. compared to a Kinect?
    Furthermore I wanted to know which of the two cameras (R200 or F200) you would suggest to perform 3D selfies of a human thorax?
    (From this comparison I’d rather tend to the R200 due to its extended range, but can one still expect a good enough accuracy compared to the F200?)

  6. Per Lisberg

    Hi, the Reconstructme application worked fine with the Realsense R200 camera until I updated to the newest Realsense SDK version ( last week. Now, when I start scan in Reconstructme, the screen turns either green or black, with no scanning taking place. Is it a problem, you are aware of and have solutions for?

    best regards,

    Per Lisberg

  7. will

    using lenovo laptop win10 x64 with f200 webcam, trying to choose it in the config and it crashes everytime, even after installing sdk and drivers

  8. tang

    The software works great with my intel sensor. But there is a problem with multiple intel sensor.
    The software can’t open the second sensor. Any suggestion?


  9. Erica

    Hi, I just got a new laptop with an Intel RealSense webcam and when I try to Skype, it’s very blurry. Will this help me? Thank you!!

  10. Edisson

    Me podrían ayudar, tengo el siguiente problema con mi f200

    2016-06-10T23:31:32 ; ReconstructMe SDK running version 2.4.1016-113587

    como lo puedo solucionar


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